Tuesday, October 6, 2009

walking the streets of portland...

okay, so how bad to i hate pictures of myself...pretty bad, maybe i look a little quasimodoesque here but let me tell you.
1. had so much fun with my boo.
2. this is the most comfortable soft sweatshirt that has ever graced my skin. maybe i have already worn in 3 times in the last 10 days. its clean. don't judge me. i really wanted it in gray but this is my big branching out with color. i have been wearing it with leggings and boots and you just might see me in it if you see me this winter, there is no sign of my stopping.
3. and yes, hus' hand is there...it kinda always is... sorry if it offends you.
4. portland is the first city that both dylan and i agree we could move to. we fell in love.
i read this blog and this blog regularly and both the writers completely inspired me to spend some time in portland, so when dylan said he was traveling to portland i JUMPED...it did not disappoint!

it was so fun to tag along on his business trip. he worked all day and i shopped and walked the streets all day. the nights we spent having dinner with new friends and cousins at some great restaurants. i spent one day with my darling cousin and her precious baby, ate tons of yummy food and enjoyed the overcast weather, which i am a complete sucker for.
i am moving in exactly 7 days...yay!! so i don't think i will be able to do another post before the move about the fun hotels (this one and this one) we stayed in and the darling stores i found (this one, a great mix of amazing housewares and the nicest staff) and this one (with a great mix of local artists) or the yummiest street vendor ever.

i am thinking i am going to get one of these on a plywerk...so this one or...

first person to guess what this little forest reminded me of gets a 5x7 of any print of their chosing...go!

this one? i love the dreamy yellow colors

really? how sweet of this cafe to make a table just for me, in one of my favorite colors with all the graphic holes and perfect dings and scratches.

i walked about 20 blocks, 11 of which were on streets just like this. i stopped every few houses to look at the paint colors they had chosen, the gorgeous trees and if i was lucky a great fence or even better an "urban garden" ahh...

can i live here? with its perfect fence and gorgeous blue house.

so i guess i loved all the moss. the texture, the color.


  1. So glad you had fun with your "boo". Love you!

  2. So glad you loved Portland! It is such a great city!! Love your photos!!!! Thanks for the link.

  3. So fun that you got to go on a trip together. Caton and I are going away in Nov and I can barely stand the wait. Love your photos (of course) and the one forest reminds me of Twilight. (I am re-reading New Moon so I have Twilight on the brain). Am I right?

  4. You got it michelle! twilight! maybe i am 12 but it was the first thing i thought of! pick any picture and it is yours!!
    but sadly, edward did not appear to call me his "spider monkey"

  5. Umm...you just took the cutest family pictures for us...I don't think you owe me any pictures for a while.

  6. Ugh, I thought I was going to be the first person to guess but Michelle beat me to it! She deserves it if she is truly re-reading :)

    Good luck with your move!

  7. I think they are both wrong about 'twilight"-it should have reminded you of a certain hike toward yankee meadows some 14 years ago!!!!! When you mentioned moss in your post, those hikes popped into my head -- when we were trying to find our way...somewhere- (anyhwere!) and we knew if we followed the moss north we would be okay!!!
    Good luck on your move-Carrie was just telling me about your house-it sounds great!

  8. oh mandy! you had to remind us all! the best, scariest, funniest most memorable "hike" ever... man was papa chuck mad at us!


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