Monday, August 31, 2009

in my dreams...

so maybe i obsess...just a little. as i am recovering from surgery at my mom's house my sleep has left something to be desired. i am sharing a bed with mookie (which i love, just not when he kicks me in my healing places) and the fifi is sleeping pretty soundly in the crib next to us. they are not the issue. i cannot sleep on my tummy (dr.'s orders) and i cannot lift my children, hence the reason i drove 6 hours to recover at my mom's house. the issue lies in the lovely neighbors next door who have decided 1 a.m. is the appropriate and necessary time to get their parties started. i mean i am all for people having fun but when i am trying to heal, and am sharing a bed with my beeb and have all the possibilities of our new house floating around in my, thats when things get dicey.
i have been cursed. cursed with a mind that cannot stop thinking about things until i
A. write them down or B. figure them out.
i am on my third night of laying awake thinking of how i want to furnish my new home when i decided, forget it. i am going to get it out of my system and make a i said, i am obsessive.
see, we have found a house, a wonderful house that we could stay in for 20 years. it has a dream backyard and i am thrilled about so much of it...except the architecture and style of the home. the other home we had put an offer in on was really great 70's modern lines and huge windows and although smaller i could just see us problem.
the house we have is a different story. so i am tossing and turning all night trying to figure out how i can incorporate my more simple with slices of modern, monochromatic, semi-androgynous style into this very traditional home.
i think i came up with somthing i could love. now mind you, this is with no budget in mind... the turquoise lamp is the low low price of $4500. but the idea is there on paper, and now i am off to sleep. i just hope their partying doesn't get me started on the dining room.

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  1. Decided to check on you and saw this gorgeousness you have put together - so you. But I have to tell you, my house is awesome, and I love the layout of it (pretty much, with a few exceptions) and it was what I had been dreaming about... but I am not in love with the style. Spanish style was not my dream come true, but I have worked around it and continue to work around it to add in my own personal twist on Spanish style. I guess, it is hard to find perfect unless you build it yourself. Have fun, and let me know what we can help with!


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