Wednesday, November 4, 2009

this fall i am loving...

all things slouchy and comfy but not messy, i don't do messy very well, much too short . but this year, i am spending all my money on our home, not my clothes. so i did a little online searching to find things i would love to wear this fall:

i wear these leggings in black... with everything.
if i were 6" taller i would wear this jacket.

still loving these boots from last year and even more now that they are all scuffed up.
but... i try to find a way to wear these whenever i can with cuffed skinny jeans and a white t-shirt, cardigan and lots of bangles...

i have been wanting these since august...
am jonesing for these pumps and these pumps which remind me of the color i am painting my interior doors.

i am loving all different shades of lipstick like
this one (perfect red for someone so fair like me, but careful does leave big fat kissy marks all over baby cheeks)
this one wore 415 all summer and just switched to 420 for the fall
and i still never leave home without this one.
i am still looking for the perfect dark, browny, mauvey matte lipstick...let me know if you have any suggestions.

i love almost all the fragrances from fresh but this i wear everyday...

fifi is sleeping, mookie is playing cars and i am reading Harry Potter book 5. we took a break to play on the computer a little...
that is a kiss mark on his face, he is not going to be happy when he notices them.
he is trying so hard to wait for of the only ones without a pretzel mouth sticking out... i love this little "orange head"
we are headed off to the desert tomorrow for our fist moto trip of the season. i am so excited. i think fifi is going to be in heaven!

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