Monday, July 18, 2011

summer make-up...

so...this is for my dear cara
a couple months ago one of my college roommates texted me and said "what is appropriate for us to wear now at 30? how i long for the days of Mac Nylon on my eyes"...
oh cara, nylon did treat us well and i will be honest, hot night on the town, as long as my anti aging cream is living up to its label AND i have freshly waxed brows i do dab it on the inside corner of my eyes and riiight under my brows.
my bag is filled with much more gentler hints of shimmer now. got to keep that glitter out of the knooks and crannies you know?
a few other people have asked me some make-up questions lately so here is an easy way to tell you all.
this is my everyday routine that takes about 7-10 minutes.
i left out the eye shadow pictures on this one but i will give you a list of my bobbi brown palette at the end.
okay so here is the rundown of my summer bag that i am QUITE pleased with for the moment... and as my grandma neenah always said: 

"There are no natural beauties."
1. Laura Mercier primer: i always start with this primer. i love it. it goes on light and REALLY helps my make-up last all day. i have tried others that may do a better job of mattifying and evening out skin tones (smashbox is a great one and for those with red skin i have seen the green kind work wonders) but i have really dry skin so that is not an issue for me.
2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: love this for most times of the year. i mix it with a dab of number 3 and it makes me feel all dewy and pretty.
3. Nars Illuminator:  So all you need is a dab of this in your foundation OR i will take a tiny dab and run it down my nose and across my cheekbones. it really is one of my new favorite products.
4. Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener: after baby number 3 was born i REALLY needed something to lighten my undereye area. i love this because it works and is so light and easy to blend. fantastic!
5. Nars Blush in Deep Throat: i used Orgasm for  along time but really wanted to switch it up a little. this is slightly more peachy then pinky and i like that with my freckles.
6. Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Java: you know i love some eyeliner. my eyes are way to big or as mookie calls them "circle eyes" and my lashes are way to pale to go without it...although sometimes i really wish i could. so i have tried them all- liquid. gel. kohl. pencil. waterproof. everything. this is my new favorite. it goes on very smooth and if you blend it and smudge it into your lashline you are good. or if you want a more dramatic line just draw it on and leave it alone it sets and stays all day. truly. all day. plus it has a sharpener in the cap which i love for traveling because i like a good point. And with sensitive eyes, like i have, i like to have my eyeliner fresh and clean. and the java color is perfection.
7. Mac Lustreglass in Love Nectar: great peach summer color. just enough color to look fresh, just enough sparkle to look dewy and natural. good stuff.
BUT  if you can get the Cremesheen in Boy Bait, run don't walk. they have it online but rumor has it that they have discontinued it in stores. it is fantastic alone and over EVERY lipstick color.
i have both and really love them.
8. Marc Jacobs Daisy, Eau So Fresh: great summer scent. and really, how cute is the bottle?
other summer scents i love: bobbi brown beach, almost bare and bath.
a certain someone i know wears Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto in Shine, i believe, but miss julia is going to have to leave a comment and let me know if i am correct. i look for it every time i am at nordstrom and they never have it. one day i will get off my lazy can and order it online. it is HEAVEN!
9. Lancome Flash Bronzer: now that my hawaii tan has officially faded i am back to rubbing this on whenever i can. it blends really smoothly and is not orangey.
i love bobbi brown for a couple reasons. 1. they stay all organized in my palette box so they are not rolling all over my make-up drawers. 2. she has great matte and shimmery colors that are not over the top
so i have: bone for all over; beige and champagne quartz for crease to lid; rose gold for crease and color; copper cocoa for crease at night and eyeliner blend.
Last but not least. i never leave without a spritz of this on my face, before mascara. it sets everything!

man it takes a lot to look like it didn't.

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  1. I knew I could count on you! I just printed out this list... You know I need all the help I can get. Love you lady!


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