Friday, March 5, 2010

medium tone wood floors...

i have a thing for dark-dark wood floors, herringbone parquet if we are being particular. i love the contrast with a good white molding and great beautiful natural light. but, everyone i know who has had them said they are the most beautiful things in the world freshly "swifered" but you can see every speck of dust and every streak from a since i have young children i am trying to wrap my head around a more practical finish.
these images from desire to inspire just might do the trick...maybe, if i try really hard i could let go of my dark wood dreams. if not aren't these gorgeous to look at anyways?

but for right now we just want to refinish our flooring until we can redo the kitchen.
anyone know any wood flooring specialists?


  1. one word...lust! I just spent a good hour ooogleing over this website...what amazing design talent is out there! can't wait to see your house once all your inspirations come true, it will look amazing!

  2. hi, i am wondering which desire to inspire post you found the last image, I have been dreaming about it. literally.

    thanks in advance.


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